Newcastle Airport Parking


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    Where do I park when I arrive?

    Simply park your vehicle in the parking bays in front of the office. Reception will only take a couple of minutes to confirm your return flight details and issue a receipt for your car. Our free minibus will then take you to our drop off point immediately outside the terminal.

    Do I have to leave my keys with you?

    Yes. Your keys should be left with the receptionist who will give you a receipt in return. They will be tagged with your name, return date and booking reference number so that it is parked in the appropriate location. You will be asked for your keys once you have been given your instructions for return pick up.

    What is the returns procedure?

    Once you have collected your luggage and are ready to leave the terminal building, please make your way to the meeting point where our minibus will be waiting to take you to you back to Park & Fly to collect your car.

    Where do I wait for collection on my return?

    Our free minibus will collect you from our drop off point situated immediately outside the domestic arrivals terminal exit. As we have your return flight details, our minibus will already be on its way to meet you and help take you, and your luggage, on the short journey back to the Park & Fly office.

    Where do I collect my keys on my return?

    Unless advised otherwise your keys will be available for pick up at the Reception on you return.

    Will my car be moved whilst in your possession?

    In peak times and only where necessary your vehicle may be moved to a secure storage facility on the airport grounds by our fully trained and insured drivers. This will be covered by 24-hour security.

    What if I want to make changes to my booking?

    Please call us on 01661 860 530, or drop us an email at [email protected] if there are any changes to your travel dates before you drop your car off. If there is a change to your vehicle details, please give us a call.

    What if my return details change whilst I am away?

    If you need to make any changes to your return dates or times while your car is parked with us, please inform us as soon as possible. You can do this by calling us on 01661 860 530 or emailing us at [email protected].

    If your flight is delayed, provided we have the correct flight number, this will not affect your regular service.

    Please note failure to notify us of change in sufficient time may result in a longer wait time for your vehicle on return whilst your car is removed from its original time/date ordered position.

    What if my car is damaged whilst in your care?

    If we damage your car whilst it is in our care, you will be notified on your return and arrangements for reimbursement or repair can be made at the car park reception desk. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

    How do I make a complaint?

    We strive to give the best possible customer service and a hassle-free parking experience, however, in the event that you have a complaint, please notify us in writing, and send your complaint via email to [email protected]

    I need to tell you something about my car.

    If your car has any special requirements for operating or if you know of any faults that may be a problem, please let the receptionist know when checking-in. This will safeguard against any problems whilst you are away.

    Haven’t answered your question?

    Why not give us a call? Our friendly and helpful call centre is here to assist you with your booking or any other queries you may have – please call us on 01661 860 530.